Frequently Asked Questions

What is APC?


Harvest Check-in

Cell Service

Collecting Prizes

Forming a Team

How to register? (Computer)

How to register? (Phone)


How do I reach American Predator Challenge?

Is the APC app free to use?
Yes. The app is free to use and can be used to monitor current challenges in real time without signing in. However, in order to participate, users must register and pay an entrance fee.

When are prizes distributed?
All prizes will be distributed by the challenge host up to one week following the event.

How do I submit a harvest?
Easy, after signing in and during the challenge, click on the harvest icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Select the game animal harvested, film a video, and submit.

What should the harvest Video include?
All harvest videos are 10 seconds and should include three things: shot placement, glow of the animals pupils, and the limp arm test.

What if I don't have a cell signal on a hunt?
No cell signal, no problem. All items are recorded and time stamped in the app so if you are in a hunting area without a cell signal, you can still participate.

How can I be sure other competitors are not cheating?
American Predator Challenge has put a lot of thought into how the event takes place. All harvests include a geo location and time stamp of the harvest. Videos can only be taken and submitted through the app. The shot placement, limp limb test, and eye test all show how fresh the harvest is. The final submission video ensures animals have not been submitted multiple times.

How do I host a competition?
Email and our team will follow up with details. You can even host a private hunt that is invite only!

If I win a prize or money, how will I receive it?
All prize money will be sent out following the event via check through the US mail.

Can I compete alone or do I have to have a team?
Either way. Teams have to hunt together and can be up to 4 people. See individual challenge rules for final verification.

Is my personal information being shared with any third parties?
No, please see privacy policy for more information.