The Great Predator Showdown

Challenge Information (Feb 23 - Feb 23)

A new predator hunting competition including 49 states! (This hunt will exclude Texas) The Great Predator Showdown will be fast paced and competitive, focusing on harvest count. Teams of up to 3 people can work together to win. The competition will start February 23rd thirty minutes before sunrise (6:30am) and end on February 23rd thirty minutes after sunset (7:00pm). You'll be competing for all the prizes below and more to be announced in the upcoming days. Please read all rules before entering, and Good Luck!

Early Bird Registration ends 2/15.


1st Place- 3 Triarc Systems Rifles + 1 Guided Whitetail Hunt at Trails End Sanctuary 

2nd Place- 3 Suppressors +  3 Free weekend NOD Rentals Sponsored by Night Vision Rentals

3rd Place- Hunt All Expense Paid Guided weekend pig and coyote night hunt Sponsored by Night Vision Rentals

4th Place- Vortex Optics Package Valued at $2000

5th- $500 Yeti Cooler Package / Proud Pyro Chiminea

Early Bird Winner- $500 in SITKA Gear

Losers Bracket Raffle will win back their registration fee (Don't have to place to qualify) 

Challenge Date/ Time: Feb 23, 6:30 AM - Feb 23, 7:00 PM

Registration Fee: $240

Hunt Rules

1. Must follow all County, State, and Federal hunting laws. If you break the law, your team WILL be disqualified! (This includes having proper State hunting license for your state.) All team members must have proper licenses.

2. 4 members maximum per team. 3 hunters, 1 helper. Helper may not carry a weapon.

3. All team members must hunt together at all times. No splitting up.

4. All animals must be killed within 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset on Feb 23rd, 2019

5. No trapped, snared, caged-raised, or frozen animals will be allowed.  

6. Must be fair chase predators and no use of any type of fence, pen, or barrier maybe used to harvest predators

7. No pooling of animals between teams.

8. No hunting in baited areas.

9. No use of Aircraft or dogs (Teams may use a dog to help find a wounded animal, but not to hunt.)

10. The use of “Night Vision” of any kind and for any reason is prohibited. This includes thermal and infrared imaging. You cannot use it for spotting or finding wounded or dead animals.

11. Judges have the right to inspect harvests if tampering is suspected. Decision of judges is FINAL!

12. Judges reserve the right to deny entry to anyone.

13. Must be called Coyote with use of electronic, diaphragm, or hand call

14. Total Predator Winners based on point total. -Points: Coyote=1.  In case of a tie, the team that makes their final harvest the earliest, wins the tie. 

15. Boundaries: The United States. No Texas

16. Only paid members/youths on your team allowed in your vehicle during the day of the hunt

17. No combining of predators will be allowed

18. All Placing teams will be subject to a Lie detector test. Team member(s) tested will be selected at random by Contest Officials

19. Winning participants will be subject to a third party lie detector test. Anyone taking a lie detector test may not consume any alcohol or drugs. 

20. The use of any ATV to include side by sides are allowed for the purpose of traveling between stands. A four wheeler for use with two man teams and a side by side for three man teams must follow all Game & Fish and Federal BLM/USFS rules.

21. All teams must read and sign that they understand Rules

22. Team member who signs up accepts full responsibility for all team members obeying Rules

23. All decisions by Contest Officials are Final

24. We have the right to refuse service to any team or team members

25. We have the right to use your likeness and image in video and photographs for future promotional use, or documentation of the competition.

26. All State Hunting Laws supercede the rules of this competition. 


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Side Pots

No side pots are available for this hunt.