2020 Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship

Challenge Information (Jan 17 - Jan 19)

The Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship was founded in 2017 and continues to grow every year. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and fair predator hunting event for predator hunters all across the United States. Predation on livestock, wild game and pets is a growing problem throughout many communities and predator hunting helps to reduce this problem. The EUSPCC includes predator hunters from all across the country helping to control the predation problem in 26 states east of the Mississippi River.

Challenge Date/ Time: Jan 17, 5:00 PM - Jan 19, 2:00 PM

Registration Fee: $1

Hunt Rules

Entry Deadline: 1/16/20 at 6pm/ET


-Hunt starts on 1/17/20 at 6pm/ET and concludes on 1/19/20 at 2pm/ET. All hunters must be on site at the Apex Center by 2pm/ET on 1/19/20 or you will be disqualified.

-1, 2 or 3 man teams are eligible for this hunt. Membership fee is $175 per team regardless of team members.

-All team members must be at check-in on 1/19/20 to be eligible for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and/or guaranteed side bounty pots. If a team member can't be present, the team members present will still be eligible for bounty on the coyotes and door prizes.

-All teams may be subject to a polygraph. By becoming a member of the 2020 EUSPCC, you agree to take a polygraph and accept the decision.

-All hunting must take place in any state EAST of the Mississippi River. No exceptions!

-All game laws must be followed in the state you are hunting. All proper hunting licenses and stamps must be purchased for each state you are hunting.

-NO splitting up of team members to hunt. Any team member actively hunting MUST be traveling in the same vehicle and remain at least 1,000 yards from other team members actively hunting.

-No pooling of coyotes/fox with other teams in the EUSPCC or other hunters that aren't members of the EUSPCC.

-NO trapped, snared, caged or roadkill coyote/fox will be accepted. Any coyote/fox that looks suspicious to EUSPCC event staff will be disqualified.

-Any team found to be breaking game laws or event rules will be automatically disqualified and prizes forfeited. Your team will be banned from future EUSPCC events at the EUSPCC staff's discretion.

-NO adding/subtracting weight to coyotes/fox. Any team found to be adding/subtracting weight to any coyote/fox in an unreasonable manner will be disqualified and banned from future EUSPCC events at the EUSPCC staff's discretion.

-All coyotes and/or fox must have all parts in tact, in a reasonable manner, to be eligible for weighted side bounties.(EUSPCC staff can provide more info on this if there is a question)

-The EUSPCC official scales will be the final decision on weight.

-If there is a tie on weight or total numbers in any category, the first team to arrive time at check-in will win the tie-breaker.

-You will NOT be allowed to have additional people in your vehicle while you are hunting. If a landowner must unlock a gate or be on premises while you hunt, they must travel in a separate vehicle and not participate or aid you in the hunt in any way. Examples: Driving team vehicle, scanning, retrieving , calling, shooting.

-After ALL hunting has concluded for the weekend, you ARE allowed to have other occupants in your vehicle on the way to check-in.

-Only team members registered for the 2020 EUSPCC may participate in any hunting during the hours of the hunt!

-All coyotes/fox must be covered or out of sight after all hunting is concluded and your team is on the way to check-in. If you use a rack, a tarp or plastic cover will work. If you are using a truck, all coyotes must be below the bed line of the truck and not visible to other motorists(excluding tractor trailers). 

-All coyotes must be disposed of in a proper manner by your team. Please don't dump coyotes in an illegal manner if you want this event to continue in the future. We WILL work with game officials if an illegal dumping incident occurs.

-This will be a bounty style hunt. All coyotes checked in or on premises by 2pm/ET on 1/19/20 will be eligible for a bounty. Bounty money will be determined by money left over after 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes and side bounties are paid. Example: If we have $10,000 left over and 100 coyotes are checked in, each team will receive $100 per coyote.


-Rules may be amended until 12/31/19 at 11:59/PM ET.


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Side Pots

No side pots are available for this hunt.